Mucho Gusto

I am
another face on a crowded train
blue eyes
brown hair
unremarkable build
a borrowed suit and birkenstocks
on the wrong side of twenty
still waiting at a bar
a doctor someday, maybe
mostly water
hot air
empty space
the dog that sticks its head out the window
too nerdy for my own good
a second-hand book store
egomaniacally on display
a crystal glass that can’t be filled
overflowing with good intentions
the sequel that no one asked for
half-assed vegetarian
part-time humanitarian
midnight philosopher
the end of the greatest generation
lost in the dream
bursting at the seams
swimming in self-doubt
a dying seed in the arid sand
two beers for breakfast
probably an addict
a coward
an alien
the partner that’s never there
a red-headed step-child under the stairs
looking for a hot shower and a fuck
still strumming the same music
slightly off tune
the sadness that lingers
in an empty room
thoughts haunting your pillow
the voice that yells back from the void
a razor on your wrist
hands against the sky
the scream