Phase II

Dear Reader,

As you may have noticed, I have been making some changes recently. Some of these changes have manifested in my writing (or lack thereof); others I have kept to myself. In June, I finished a two-year position at the NIMH in Bethesda and moved from DC and back towards the City of NY. The rest of this year will be defined by a slow and steady decent into the abyss of the MCAT (Test Day: September 18th), before I try my hand at Spanish, because…

Come November, I will fly to Ecuador. I will spend three months at an immersive homestay while working at a health clinic, and then fly to Peru, where I will spend three more months with another program volunteering at a hospital. During this time, I will also be learning mucho Espanol, exploring South America by my lonesome, and doing a significant amount of writing. Before I leave, I will launch Phase II of this blog. I will change the theme, focus, and web address to something more appropriate. The old pieces will still be up here, but do not expect to see many more like them. It is time for new adventures.

I am thrilled and (uncharacteristically) humbled to report that this blog has now garnered 20,000 views. 20,000!!! Since I began this project ten months ago, my expectations for what it would be have been smashed, ground to dust, and pissed upon, and I am just getting started.  So, dear reader, as we move ahead: I’d love to hear more from you. There are a lot of new things I would like to try out, and I want to know what you think of what I’m doing here. If you come across something you enjoyed, hated, or found so repulsive you think it should be banned from the internet, let me know. You can email at or drop me a comment on here. My skin is thick and my ears are ready.

With love,