Everyone is waiting
to hang up the suits
and shed these old skins
to rise to the stage
everyone is waiting

The veterans will come in vans
(the virgins in cars)
with their tents and sleeping bags
and the usual necessities:
//////////food (PB, bread, bananas, cereal bars)
//////////foldaway tables and chairs
//////////booze (beer (cans only), vodka, Fleischmann’s whiskey)
//////////Solo cups
//////////cards, dice, pong balls
//////////marijuana, rolling papers, bowl
//////////Red Bull
///////  /Molly
//////////toothbrush (someone else will bring the paste)
//////////acid tabs, or liquid LSD + Sour Patch Kids
//////////Airbourne or Emergen-C
//////////band aids, Neosporin
//////////condoms/ birth control
//////////pens, notebook
//////////crayons/ body paint/ flash tattoos/ glow sticks
(bringing ketamine
is weird)

There will be others
who will arrive in buses
to stay for the day
leave when the night ends
are not whom these
stories are about

This is for you
who was born to
for a night


Look at these bodies!
so young and soft
tangled and tearing
bursting with life
almost invincible

or don’t
really, it’s
your script
and it can
in the second act
but the rest of us
for this moment
and when time and fortune allow
everything else

So get moving
or get the fuck out
you’re taking up space
on the dancefloor

denial will take you
through the first
//////////bottle of Fleischmann’s
//////////pack of cigarettes
//////////gram of cocaine
but not the second
we get it
the lifestyle doesn’t come free
or cheap
we are dancing on our graves
but like the need to
the life of this party
is in our DNA

The pulse of our music
is in every speaker
and every chest

Sorry we’re not

when the masses wake
in stupor,
paying for their sins,
they’ll get back in their vans
(and cars)
to spill into the freeways
but that’s not our problem

When it’s over
we’ll crawl back home
to lick our wounds and
share our stories
the charts topple
and the trends turn
but we’ll be back
next year
to feel the rhythm
of the people
through the

The beauty of it all:
we’re here sharing this
great big crazy thing
in this place of all places!
on this weekend of all weekends!
what could matter more than that?
it’s this beat
that brings us back together
that we feel
so deeply
like the air that fills our lungs
(the oxygen carried to every last cell)
until the beat stops
and we

Welcome to Wonderland