Pay attention                                                   pay atteningon                                                hard to pay

attentio   n


Let’s pretend these are more than words.

What if they were passing through you

floating down your stream of consciousness

one                 at                     a                                              time

two                at                     a                                              time


each defined by the judgments           feelings                        memories                     of a lifespan?

If only they could,

You would would not be me.


In all honesty, these are only words

attempts to capture an essence of thought

an impression of a ghost

hidden somewhere between the pen                                                          and the paper

mediocre poetry thought static

between the pages of your notebook.


Pay attention                                                   are you paying attention?


Let’s pretend these are more than words

just kidding

these are just words

who am i kidding



moments in time

suspended in pixels on a computer.

i just keep writing things down

and hope with myself

that in the end it’ll be worth it.


                         genius or madness

 you decide.


If you know how to feel, you know how to find

the secret to good reading is believing the eyes;

Know what you see is what’s known inside

the secret to good reading is believing the eyes.


you are what you read